Fighting distractions at work

Here are somethings I changed mean while or that I’ve been adopting/changing.

Reading email at work only your working email ( all personal email can be check during Lunch if there’s something important ).

No more checking social networks during working hours, in the 5 minutes that we say that we will take a quick look on Facebook/twitter/Instagram we end up using much more than 5 minutes, the necessary time that takes to go back to the tasks we were doing before is also a lost time.

Setting the phone to mute, the fact that now days most everybody have a phone with dozens of ringtones for each application, setting your phone to mute during working time will allow you to stop checking the pone when some phone starts ringing, having a nice phone stand that keep the phone in front of you so that you can notice when the screen turns on for a phone call and pick it up if needed.

Music … this is probably my most precious ally when I need to focus, create several playlists for your working days or listen to radio during working time is also a good approach.

Picking tasks one by one and only picking the next one when finish with the first, this seems a easy task but how many times you are asked by a colleague to help and you stop all to start doing something else, sometimes saying please wait is not a sign of rude or not wanting to

What do you do to improve your productivity ??

How does your day go by

So yesterday during my time to get up-to-date with the latest’s Youtube publications from the channels I follow, I end up thinking about what I saw in one of them.

If you listen carefully at 2:17 CaseyNeistat quotes the following:


This made me think on how I use my time during the day :).

  • I normally sleep from 1am to 7am. ( 6 hours )
  • Going to work from 9:00 until 18:00/21:00 depends on the days. ( 9h/12h )
  • Get up-to-date with my subscriptions on YouTube, read some RSS and check my personal email ( 3h )
  • Prepare dinner and eat ( 1h) unless I’m lazy and order dinner
  • If I managed to get home early from work or I used it for some household tasks like laundry or catching up some fun time. Gaming, music or working on personal projects.
  • On top of this a normal day I may spent 2hours on commute
  • On some days I have Dutch classes 2h30m of class and I take some time to study at home.

During the breakdown of how I spent my time during a normal day made me realize that even tho it seems I look quite busy during the day .. in reality I feel exactly the opposite.
It’s true that I spent almost fifty percent of my time in the office I don not produced the exact same work during all those hours ( What I do to avoid wasting time at work ? )

This made me think about how I managed my time and how bad I handle the extra time that I slowly let escape without noticing I could do more.

But that will be another blog entry.

Movies that are just not what you expect …

A really interesting movie I must admit I was skeptic .. A Hindu movie that meets more than the eye seems the famous phrase don’t judge a book by it’s cover :) is so true.

A great story … and such a passionate ending, ( mandatory search for subtitles  )

A young woman from England comes to India to make a documentary about her grandfather’s diary which was written in the 1920s about the Indian Independence with five young men.