Why I can’t wait for thenextweb – 2016

Why I’m excited for the TNW, mostly because I will be able to watch live one of the greates media content creators for me.
Casey Neistat in one of his youtube daily publications gave a interesting view on how he uses his time on everyday.

If you listen carefully at 2:17 Casey Neistat quotes the following:


This made me think on how I use my time during the day.

    • I normally sleep from 1am to 7am. ( 6 hours )
    • Going to work from 9:00 until 18:00/21:00 depends on the days. ( 9h/12h )
    • Get up-to-date with my subscriptions on YouTube, read some RSS and check my personal email ( 3h )
    • Prepare dinner and eat ( 1h) unless I’m lazy and order dinner
    • If I managed to get home early from work or I used it for some household tasks like laundry or catching up some fun time. Gaming, music or working on personal projects.
    • On top of this a normal day I may spent 2hours on commute

During the breakdown of how I spent my time during a normal day made me realise that even tho it seems I look quite busy during the day .. in reality I feel exactly the opposite.

It’s true that I spent almost half of my day in the office but … What could I start doing to avoid wasting all those hours at work ?

This made me think about how I managed my time and how bad I handle the extra time that I slowly let escape without noticing I could do more.

But that will be another post.

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